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Jumerka is HERE's official local partner in Greece, the largest multinational mapping company.

We are experts in digital maps, location data, routing optimization, and all of HERE's products. We help you integrate HERE APIs, we offer ongoing support and consulting, while we also provide custom software development services.

Digital Maps

HERE has the freshest and most accurate maps available worldwide. Integrate them with your online app, or use them locally in your favorite GIS software.


Enhance your application with real-time traffic or help users avoid potential delays with historical traffic data at a particular place, time of day and day of the week.

Geocoding & Search

Convert addresses to coordinates and vice-versa, search for addresses and places of interest, use the autocomplete API to get better suggestions.


Get directions with instructions in multiple languages. Configure requests for the shortest or fastest route while avoiding toll roads, tunnels, unpaved roads and more.

Truck Routing

Deliver the most appropriate truck routes using truck-specific road attributes, while taking into account all applicable physical and legal restrictions.

EV Routing

Deliver the fastest electric vehicle route with charging stopovers, based on the vehicle's consumption model and charging curve.

Matrix Routing

Calculate routing matrices of travel times or distances for up to 10000 origins and destinations. Consider various transportation options for cars and trucks.

Routing Optimization for Fleets

Optimize routes for the lowest cost by balancing routes and number of vehicles used, replan for new jobs in real time, consider multiple time windows.